Welcome to Adult Sunday School

September through May we offer a variety of Adult Sunday School groups for you to choose from.  

Through the Bible - Thessalonians

                     with Pastor DeMichele
An in-depth verse by verse study of the Book of Thessalonians.

Family Life Class 

                     with Kendall Doty
A practical study on all aspects of the Christian home.


                     with Dennis Wells
We need to know how to make the best of times out of our worst of times. We need to protect ourselves by being alert from bad attitudes and actions that are contrary to God's Word.


The Crucified Life Class

                     with Joe Pesola and Jason Urquhart
Whether you've been saved for a short time or long, walking victoriously or feeling like you're overwhelmed, all Christians need to learn "I am crucified with Christ; nevertheless I live...", which will be the focus of this class.



                     with Dave Holtom
While this is a verse by verse look at the second half of Paul’s letter to the Romans, we maintain a higher perspective of the book to ensure we grasp the context of the message and then apply it to the Church today. During this study, we will look at topics such as the Nation of Israel, predestination, the Millennium, how to be saved…scriptural and practical instruction that Paul gives regarding everyday life. You will most certainly find this study a blessing and a challenge.