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2015-08-09 SSRebellion Download
2015-08-13 AM 1 (ladies)She Hath Done What She Could Download
2015-08-13 AM 1 (mens)Take Care Of Your Laymen / PMP / Being A Laymen Download
2015-08-11 AM 2 (ladies)Moved Away From Hope Download
2015-08-09 AMNo Man Ever Spake Like This Download
2015-08-12 AM 1 (mens)Prolonging The State Of America Download
2015-08-12 AM 2 (mens)Upside Down Leadership Download
2015-08-13 PM (thurs)What Do You Do When You Find Yourself On A Sinking Ship Download
2015-08-16 AMWhen You Love Someone Download
2015-08-16 PMThe Greatest Thing About Samuel Download
2015-08-11 AM 1 (mens)The Importance Of Sunday School Download
2015-08-13 AM 2 (ladies)Trials Bring Us Closer to God Download
2015-08-12 AM 3 (mens)Deacons At TVBC / Jr. High Ministry Download
2015-08-11 AM 2 (mens)Develop A Bible Music Program Download
2015-08-11 AM 3 (ladies)Discretion With Social Media Download
2015-08-09 PMBiblical Godliness Download
2015-08-11 AM 3 (mens)Building A Bridge To Missionaries / Street Ministry Download
2015-08-13 AM 2 (mens)Christ Based Music Download
2015-08-13 AM 3 (mens)How To Interpret Scripture Download
2015-08-16 SSHuman Rights And Civil Government Download
2015-08-11 PM (tues)Is God Done With Israel Download
2015-08-12 AM (ladies)Fashion Show Download
2015-08-11 AM 1 (ladies)Following Dorcas Example Download
2015-08-12 PM (wed)He Being Dead Yet Speaketh Download