Pastors' School

TVBC Pastor's School 2019 is August 6th - 8th

TVBC Pastor's School 2015 Review

The 2015 Pastor's School was a great success.   We hosted over 100 pastors from across the United States.  Our theme this year was "For the Work of the Ministry."  We received a lot of positive feedback from those in attendance that the conference was well worth the time and expense. 

We had breakout sessions taught by guest speakers with lessons and encouragement for the men who attended.  

The chance to fellowship with other Bible believers was tremendously refreshing, in and of itself.  

 Our ladies group met daily and got a tremendous blessing.

Our TVBC ladies always have a fun time putting together a special event for our visitors and this year was no exception.  We hosted a bridal fashion show to demonstrate how you can be a beautiful and modest bride.  Our girls did a wonderful job as bridal models.

Kids 12 and under were treated to puppet shows and guest visitors every day.

Fun crafts and outdoor activities to take advantage of the summer weather were a big hit.

Nightly services were packed as we heard great preaching from our special guests.

Let's not forget the food!  Breakfast and lunch served daily also facilitated opportunities to fellowship.

Our purpose and motivation for the conference was simple.  We wanted to be an encouragement and a help.

We have posted the audio recordings of the sessions below along with links to messages from prior years. 

2013: at Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho

2011: at Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho

2010: at Hope Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio

2009: at Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho

2015-08-09 SSRebellion Download
2015-08-13 AM 1 (ladies)She Hath Done What She Could Download
2015-08-13 AM 1 (mens)Take Care Of Your Laymen / PMP / Being A Laymen Download
2015-08-11 AM 2 (ladies)Moved Away From Hope Download
2015-08-09 AMNo Man Ever Spake Like This Download
2015-08-12 AM 1 (mens)Prolonging The State Of America Download
2015-08-12 AM 2 (mens)Upside Down Leadership Download
2015-08-13 PM (thurs)What Do You Do When You Find Yourself On A Sinking Ship Download
2015-08-16 AMWhen You Love Someone Download
2015-08-16 PMThe Greatest Thing About Samuel Download
2015-08-11 AM 1 (mens)The Importance Of Sunday School Download
2015-08-13 AM 2 (ladies)Trials Bring Us Closer to God Download
2015-08-12 AM 3 (mens)Deacons At TVBC / Jr. High Ministry Download
2015-08-11 AM 2 (mens)Develop A Bible Music Program Download
2015-08-11 AM 3 (ladies)Discretion With Social Media Download
2015-08-09 PMBiblical Godliness Download
2015-08-11 AM 3 (mens)Building A Bridge To Missionaries / Street Ministry Download
2015-08-13 AM 2 (mens)Christ Based Music Download
2015-08-13 AM 3 (mens)How To Interpret Scripture Download
2015-08-16 SSHuman Rights And Civil Government Download
2015-08-11 PM (tues)Is God Done With Israel Download
2015-08-12 AM (ladies)Fashion Show Download
2015-08-11 AM 1 (ladies)Following Dorcas Example Download
2015-08-12 PM (wed)He Being Dead Yet Speaketh Download